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Flower Kindergarten by OA Lab features curvy classrooms and colourful corridors

dezeen Magazine - Walls with built-in flowerpots and a staircase that functions as a play space both feature at this Seoul kindergarten by local architects office OA Lab (+ slideshow).


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Collaborative for High Performance School (CHPS) releases new CHPS PreFAB program and pre-approves first model

Sacramento, CA - February 22, 2016 - The Collaborative for High Performance School (CHPS) released the 2016 CHPS PreFABTM Criteria and Program. The CHPS PreFAB program provides a streamlined process for pre-approving prefabricated modular classroom models that meet the CHPS Criteria rating system for healthy, high performance schools. In addition, CHPS is pleased to announce that the Gen7 24x40 foot model is the first to successfully complete the new CHPS PreFAB pre-approval process and Morgan Hill Unified is the first school district to register a CHPS project under the new program.


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Architects want to save Davisville school from chopping block

by Dave LeBlanc - Visual artists see potential before the rest of us. They look past the decay and work required to make a neighbourhood habitable and just go with it. A few decades later, the rest of the city agrees and claims the area.

While architects are also artists, they don’t have the same influence. Often, they try to tell us when a building is worth saving for future generations–if only we’d look past the rough edges–but we rarely listen.

Such is the case with Davisville Junior Public School/Spectrum Alternative Senior School on Millwood Road near Yonge Street and Davisville Avenue. It sits on architectural death row while a handful of prominent Toronto architects call for a stay of execution.


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CHPS Criteria and best practices for prefabricated school buildings update

Sacramento, CA - February 1, 2016 - The Collaborative for High Performing Schools (CHPS) is pleased to announce the updating of the CHPS Criteria and best practices for prefabricated school buildings thanks to the generous support of American Modular Systems (AMS) and Bard Manufacturing Company, as Presenting Sponsors. The update is guided by an ad hoc subcommittee of the CHPS National Technical Committee.

The CHPS Best Practices Manual (BPM) Prefabricated Classroom volume (VI) was developed in 2006 and last updated in 2009. This innovative resource provides tools for manufacturers, school districts and design teams to specify, build and acquire high performance relocatable classrooms.

Build Green

These pages are a resource for students, parents, staff and neighbours who wish to make the buildings and yards in their school community sustainable, high-performance and "green". The site was originally created for members of the Runnymede Public School community in the west-end of Toronto, but has expanded. This blog is owned and maintained by Marshall Leslie (see You can also follow us on Twitter @greenschools_ca

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