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The Height of Efficiency, Cornell University is building one of the greenest high-rises in the world

by Amanda Kolson Hurley - Atlantic Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016 - In the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge, on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, three buildings now under construction will together form the core of a new technology campus for Cornell University. The tallest of them, a student and faculty residence, will look much like any number of apartment towers going up around the city. In fact, it was designed to be one of the most energy-efficient high-rises on the planet.


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New school in Ranchlands (Alberta) will have solar panelling

Medicine Hat, AB - by Peggy Revell - Solar panels will be a part of the new school set to be built in the Ranchlands neighbourhood.

“If you do this when planning the building it’s not a lot of extra money,” said SD 76 board chair Terry Riley on how the board has had architects integrate a strong enough roof to support solar panels into the design.

The board will use reserve funds to purchase the solar panels, with the estimated cost being $220,000 to $250,000. With annual savings and electricity cost estimates, the board figures to recoup the capital costs in 17-20 years.

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Québec obtient la note de passage - Il faut mieux gérer l’élaboration des programmes de construction des bâtiments scolaires

22 décembre 2015 - par Nathalie Dion, Présidente de l’Ordre des architectes du Québec - « Élève en progrès, mais pourrait faire mieux » : voilà l’appréciation qu’on pourrait attribuer au Québec dans la gestion immobilière de ses écoles. Bien sûr, depuis que le gouvernement évalue mieux l’état de ses infrastructures et qu’il planifie ses investissements sur dix ans, nous avons, en tant que société, une meilleure vision des besoins à moyen terme, et les budgets prévus augmentent en conséquence. Il a été décidé notamment — devant de graves problèmes comme les moisissures dans les écoles montréalaises — de mieux entretenir les actifs et de rattraper progressivement le retard.

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These pages are a resource for students, parents, staff and neighbours who wish to make the buildings and yards in their school community sustainable, high-performance and "green". The site was originally created for members of the Runnymede Public School community in the west-end of Toronto, but has expanded. This blog is owned and maintained by Marshall Leslie (see You can also follow us on Twitter @greenschools_ca

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