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Newspaper launches two-year investigative series on fraud and corruption at Toronto District School Board

Read the entire two-year long Toronto Star investigative series on fraud and corruption in the construction and maintenance department at the Toronto District School Board.

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Inside TDSB repairs: Toronto District School Board maintenance costs - take a look at your school.

Two years ago the Toronto Star published an expose of high repair costs at Toronto schools. Now, the Toronto Star has three full years (2010-2013) of maintenance and repair records from the Toronto District School Board. Painting, bench moving, pencil sharpener installations, grafitti removal, landscaping, drinking fountain repairs and much more. We've sorted the data to find patterns and anomalies. Now we need your help to look at your school. Tell us what looks wrong, what looks right, and what jobs that need doing are missing.

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Toronto Star editorial: Good work on curbing waste at Toronto school board

June 18, 2014 - Bureaucrats usually don’t get acknowledged for bravery. But when it comes to cleaning up alleged fraud, mismanagement and grossly inflated charges for maintenance and construction work at the Toronto District School Board, one public servant in particular deserves praise.

The cleanup launched by Angelos Bacopoulos, the board’s chief facilities manager, has seen 150 construction and maintenance workers fired or disciplined for allegations of fraud and on-the-job “time theft.” Since the board too often makes headlines for misbehaving trustees and profligate spending, it’s heartening to know that below the surface good work is being done.

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Toronto District School Board cracking down on fraud and waste in maintenance

by Kevin Donovan, June 18, 2014 - Toronto’s public school board has fired or disciplined 150 construction and maintenance workers over allegations of fraud and “time theft” as part of a crackdown on wasteful activities.

The Toronto District School Board has also installed GPS tracking devices on all board work vehicles and increased productivity by bundling jobs so a worker focuses on one school instead of doing a series of small jobs at different schools in one day.

“We are holding people to task,” said Angelos Bacopoulos, chief facilities manager for the board, which presides over 630 schools. The firings and “progressive discipline” have taken place over the past 20 months, beginning shortly after a Star investigative series revealed how much the board was losing in wasted maintenance funds.

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