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Report from the APPA 2012 Thought Leaders Symposium: Campus Space...An Asset and a Burden

The 2012 Thought Leaders Symposium, sponsored in part by DTZ, a UGL company, and Jacobs, identified major issues, trends, and recommendations related to the focused topic of space management and utilization in higher education. Included are the top critical facilities issues:

1. Align space management to the mission of the institution.
2. Make space one of the top assets of the institution.
3. Change the culture of space.
4. Develop effective policies, processes, and organizational structure to manage space.
5. Implement a space inventory system to understand resources and identify needs.
6. Address space utilization by assembling credible data and adopting best practices.


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The Owner’s Perspective: Seven keys to success in the K-12 school market

By Peter Fabris - The new school design mindset among K-12 educators comes largely in response to innovations in instructional ideas and methods. Project-based, interactive learning is gaining more and more adherents, while front-of-the-class lecturing is losing favor. This new approach to instruction benefits from new school design concepts that support small group study and collaboration within the classroom and in common areas.


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Canadian schools adopt old style (open-concept) architecture

by Kate Hammer - Unorthodox ideas about school architecture are taking root in Canada – again. This fall, three new open concept-style elementary schools will open their doors, each incorporating quirky design elements like garage doors and Olympic-sized classrooms.

These buildings herald either a new era in school design or an unfortunate case of history repeating itself. Their designs either promote collaboration and creative thinking, or distraction and chaos, depending on who you ask.

Build Green

These pages are a resource for students, parents, staff and neighbours who wish to make the buildings and yards in their school community sustainable, high-performance and "green". The site was originally created for members of the Runnymede Public School community in the west-end of Toronto, but has expanded. This blog is owned and maintained by Marshall Leslie (see You can also follow us on Twitter @greenschools_ca

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