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In Utah, all school districts currently have solar projects underway

SALT LAKE CITY — As part of the Solar for Schools program, solar panels installations are underway at 73 schools across all 41 school districts in Utah. As of press time, 47 out of 73 schools had installed solar photovoltaic arrays on their roofs and three other sites were slated for completion by July 2.


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The Green Design LabTM

The Green Design Lab™ is a program to help schools reduce resource consumption and meet key energy reduction targets. The Green Design Lab™ is a curriculum resource and guide for making your school a healthy and green place to work and learn. Using a creative approach to problem solving and sustainability education, the Green Design Lab™ uses the school building as a laboratory for hands-on learning. Through this approach students learn about green technologies, design process, engineering and applied science.

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Center for Green Schools releases its inaugural Best of Green Schools 2011 list

December 12, 2011 - The U.S. Green Building Council's Center for Green Schools, working in conjunction with its founding sponsor, United Technologies Corp., released its inaugural Best of Green Schools 2011 list recognizing school administrators and government leaders in 10 categories for their efforts to create sustainable learning environments.

Recipient schools and regions from across the nation – from K-12 to higher education – were recognized for a variety of sustainable, cost-cutting measures, including energy conservation, record numbers of LEED® certified buildings and collaborative platforms and policies to green U.S. school infrastructure. Their commitments to measurable and innovative sustainable building goals serve as models for schools and campuses everywhere.


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EcoSchools December Newsletter from the Toronto District School Board

"What's the best way to communicate with everyone engaged in EcoSchools? and what do people most want to hear about?" we often wonder aloud in meetings. We know from the kick-offs that you definitely want and need more about teaching and learning practices that promote greater ecological literacy. The newsletter does this in a limited way. Now we plan to dedicate a blog to a conversation on the subject. We don't know how it will develop--that's exciting and scary--and also, we hope, something that will engage busy dedicated teachers. The first post is planned for Friday, December 9.


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The Effect of School Construction on Test Scores, School Enrollment, and Home Prices

A new report: "The Effect of School Construction on Test Scores, School Enrollment, and Home Prices" by Christopher Neilson and Seth Zimmerman, Yale University, November 2011.

ABSTRACT: This paper provides new evidence on the effect of school construction projects on home prices, academic achievement, and public school enrollment. Taking advantage of the staggered implementation of a comprehensive school construction project in a poor urban district, we find that, by six years after building occupancy, $10,000 of per-student investment in school construction raised reading scores for elementary and middle school students by 0.027 standard deviations. For a student receiving the average treatment intensity this corresponds to a 0.21 standard deviation increase. School construction also raised home prices and public school enrollment in zoned neighborhoods.

Build Green

These pages are a resource for students, parents, staff and neighbours who wish to make the buildings and yards in their school community sustainable, high-performance and "green". The site was originally created for members of the Runnymede Public School community in the west-end of Toronto, but has expanded. This blog is owned and maintained by Marshall Leslie (see You can also follow us on Twitter @greenschools_ca

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