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Getting Schooled: New York’s Schools Are Green, and Getting Greener

April 28, 2010 - It just makes sense that colleges and universities should be green spaces. Some of this is kind of inherent and wholly unsurprising — dorms, like apartment buildings, are by their nature more efficient than single-family homes. Much of it is image-based — you know those college kids, with their drum circles and their quaint ideals and their love of green roofs and well-insulated dormitories. But there are no shortage of practical reasons, having to do with both branding and old-fashioned energy bills, for schools to get green.
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Collaborative for High Performance Schools releases Operations Report Card - online tool to benchmark current building performance

Apr 26, 2010 – In celebration of National Healthy Schools Day, the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), a national green schools organization has released the Operations Report Card (ORC), a new, low-cost, online tool that benchmarks current performance, analyses existing conditions and recommends green and healthy improvements for existing school buildings.

“With the introduction of this resource, CHPS is providing a low-cost solution for improving the performance of the 125,000 existing schools in the United States,” said Bill Orr, executive director of CHPS, at a virtual press conference on Monday to announce the launch of the ORC. “When we talk about green schools, we shouldn’t just be talking about the lucky few that get to attend a newly constructed high performance school. Now we have a tool that provides every school with the opportunity to become a high performance school.”

This new program allows both high- and low-performance schools to benchmark their current performance and receive suggestions for improvement in five categories: energy efficiency, thermal comfort, visual comfort, acoustics, and indoor air quality.


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Toronto school board studies sale of land to developers

by Anna Mehler Paperny - Faced with a staggering backlog of repairs on its aging infrastructure, the Toronto District School Board is launching redevelopment studies of five areas across the city to decide whether to sell off parcels of its land and use the money to rejuvenate the schools on those sites. Click on headline for full text of Globe and Mail article.


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Crumbling schools becoming unsafe, Toronto board told

(Toronto Star - Kristin Rushowy) Some Toronto public schools are in such bad shape they're accidents waiting to happen, warns the head of the maintenance and construction union. From rusted-out staircases to crumbling walls to concerns about water and air quality, Jimmy Hazel said trustees must stop robbing money from the board's maintenance and repair budget to cover shortfalls in other areas, as they have for the past several years – to the tune of about $40 million a year.

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Build Green

These pages are a resource for students, parents, staff and neighbours who wish to make the buildings and yards in their school community sustainable, high-performance and "green". The site was originally created for members of the Runnymede Public School community in the west-end of Toronto, but has expanded. This blog is owned and maintained by Marshall Leslie (see You can also follow us on Twitter @greenschools_ca

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