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Parent Fundraising - How the Globe and Mail Got it Wrong (Part 2)

by Marshall Leslie (the owner of this blog).

Yesterday, I rebutted both the data and the interpretation of the data in a Globe and Mail article: “Toronto school fundraising raises questions about equity in public-education”. It turns out I was not alone.

The national accounting firm Deloitte withheld its opinion of the Toronto District School Board's 2012 and 2013 consolidated financial statements because of the inadequacy of TDSB fundraising reports and stated: "In common with many school boards, individual schools derive revenue from school fundraising activities held throughout the year. Adequate documentation and controls were not in place throughout the year to allow us to obtain satisfactory audit verification as to the completeness of these revenues" ...

Please follow the link, to the top of page 5 of Deloitte's report.

Toronto and Area Information Updates

Many Toronto schools are badly in need of energy retrofit, major maintenance and facility renewal. In some school communities additions are required and sometimes a new building. Currently, these projects are undertaken under the Province of Ontario's "Good Places to Learn" programme, in partnerships or special purpose organizations like the Toronto Lands Corporation.

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