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Artscape Youngplace: Creative spirit haunts the halls of Shaw Street School

by Dave LeBlanc - A black hole sucks away everything – light, energy, warmth – until nothing remains.

In architecture, an abandoned building performs in much the same way. And, like the ripples from a stone tossed into a pond, repercussions can be large or small based on the size of the black hole building: an empty house, and perhaps a half-block feels it; a 75,000-square-foot school, and a whole community hurts.

Such was the case in 2000, when the Toronto District School Board declared the former Shaw Street School – a handsome, three-storey, cruciform-shaped structure built in 1914 – as “surplus.” Residents on Argyle, Givins, Rebecca, Bruce and Halton streets felt the thrumming void daily.


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The Toronto District School Board Studies Mixed-Use Schools

by Cathlin Sullivan, Torontoist, July 6, 2015 - Toronto could see more schools in condos and commercial buildings, as the financially struggling Toronto District School Board studies the implications of using more mixed-use buildings to match the growth patterns of a rapidly evolving city.


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Towers find friends on Toronto District School Board

by Jennifer Pagliaro - Community advocates and their councillors say million-dollar deals quietly struck between the Toronto District School Board and developers — looking to build beyond city guidelines — are compromising neighbourhoods.

The story of two recent proposals to build condominiums in the downtown core highlights the messy battle of highrise development in this city — one that goes beyond the often-criticized “not in my backyard” ideology. They reveal the complicated divisions between parents, residents, school boards, school trustees, elected city councillors, planning staff and developers over design and open space — fights that often go unnoticed across the city until the foundation is dug and the ribbon cut.


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Schools as Community Assets - A Policy Agenda for the City of Toronto-School Boards Advisory Committee

March 31, 2015 - The City of Toronto Executive Committee recommends:

1. City Council direct the City-School Boards Advisory Council to prioritize in its 2015-2016 work plan, the development of a new multilateral, consultative relationship for the City of Toronto, the School Boards and the Province of Ontario with respect to schools lands disposition ....

Please follow the headline link and also read this City of Toronto Staff Report for background.


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Ontario to put new pressure on TDSB over empty schools

by Selena Ross, The Globe and Mail - The province will penalize school boards for holding on to underused schools in its next budget, an approach that will hit the Toronto District School Board harder than most. The TDSB is still reviewing its funding allocation after receiving the numbers Thursday morning. It's too early for the board to know the net change over last year's budget, said a spokesman. Education Minister Liz Sandals says the ministry’s total spending of $22.5-billion will be the same as last year, but the boards will be hit financially if they’re holding on to empty or near-empty properties.

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Toronto and Area Information Updates

Many Toronto schools are badly in need of energy retrofit, major maintenance and facility renewal. In some school communities additions are required and sometimes a new building. Currently, these projects are undertaken under the Province of Ontario's "Good Places to Learn" programme, in partnerships or special purpose organizations like the Toronto Lands Corporation.

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