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Full text: Toronto District School Board (Barbara Hall) Governance Advisory Panel Report

Letter from Barbara Hall to Minister Sandals
Dear Minister Sandals:

The TDSB Governance Advisory Panel is pleased to present our report and recommendations to you.

Pursuant to our mandate, we have heard from and talked with more than five hundred people from across this city, and beyond, about ways to eliminate a culture of fear and governance dysfunction at the TDSB.

The panel has been impressed by the range and depth of the input we have received. We heard of many achievements of the board in the education of children. But we also heard serious concerns about the board's capacity to maintain these achievements and create real opportunities for all children unless significant changes in governance are made. We heard many ideas on what changes are needed and we got a very strong message that change is urgent: children and their communities are vulnerable. Public education itself, in our diverse city, feels vulnerable.

Strongly influenced by what we heard, the panel worked to make recommendations that create the conditions for success in bringing needed change. We believe that the trustees at the TDSB want to provide the best possible education for all children and restore public confidence in the system, and that our recommendations will provide them with the necessary support to do so.

The panel wishes to acknowledge the contribution of so many community members to our work. We also want to thank ministry staff for their hard work and strong support in helping us fulfil our mandate.

Finally, we wish to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve on this panel and make a contribution to strong, healthy public education in Toronto, something for which we all share a passion.

Barbara Hall


Toronto and Area Information Updates

Many Toronto schools are badly in need of energy retrofit, major maintenance and facility renewal. In some school communities additions are required and sometimes a new building. Currently, these projects are undertaken under the Province of Ontario's "Good Places to Learn" programme, in partnerships or special purpose organizations like the Toronto Lands Corporation.

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