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University of Oregon Student Creation Center expansion and renovation targets LEED Platinum

by ArchDaily - This two-phased Student Recreation Center addition knits together an existing Physical Education building, and an existing and undersized Student Recreation building on an extremely tight site. Two new free-zone entrances were created. A Great Hall entrance accommodates pedestrian traffic pattern from east of site. While a Main Street entrance accommodates traffic patterns from north of site. The two free-zones not only create the main circulation paths in the building, but also implement formal and informal social spaces for students.

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Primary School in Gando, Burkina Faso by Kéré Architecture

by ArchDaily - This primary school in Gando, Burkina Faso was designed by Kéré Architecture and completed in 2001. It received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2004.


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Lake Mills Elementary School participates in LEED v4 beta program

Lake Mills, Wisconsin - Construction on the 95,000-square-foot Lake Mills Elementary for the Lake Mills Area School District (LMASD) in Wisconsin was completed in September 2014. It is one of only 122 projects participating in the LEED v4 beta program, which involved an extra level of detail in order to incorporate strict energy-reduction strategies and incorporate a more holistic approach to green design and construction.


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California Launches 7x7x7 School Sustainability Initiative

Los Angeles, CA - California’s State Architect Chester A. Widom, FAIA, earlier this month launched a forward-thinking new sustainability initiative. Dubbed 7x7x7: Design, Energy, Water, the initiative will engage seven experienced architecture firms to develop seven case studies in sustainable school design for seven representative school campuses, according to a statement by the California Department of General Services (DGS).


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The Height of Efficiency, Cornell University is building one of the greenest high-rises in the world

by Amanda Kolson Hurley - Atlantic Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016 - In the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge, on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, three buildings now under construction will together form the core of a new technology campus for Cornell University. The tallest of them, a student and faculty residence, will look much like any number of apartment towers going up around the city. In fact, it was designed to be one of the most energy-efficient high-rises on the planet.

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Green Case Studies

Here are examples of projects that are examples of sustainable school buildings, facilities and schoolyards.

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