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University of Manitoba ARTlab receives 2016 Governor General's Medal in Architecture

The ARTlab program consists of large spaces for the School of Art to complement the small studio spaces within the adjacent Taché Hall, a repurposed 1911 student residence. The volume of the ARTlab interlocks with Taché Hall, which reinforces the two buildings as an integrated arts facility and maximizes north daylight in the studio spaces. Facilitating a critical urban connection to the business school to the south, the north wing of the ARTlab is raised one storey above grade. The covered area below forms the entrance to the ARTlab and a generous covered outdoor space for school and gallery events.


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Stevens Library - Net Zero at Sacred Heart School

by Pauline Souza, AIA - For schools in drought-stricken areas, net zero energy and water strategies help future-proof against utility rate hikes. But, the price tag for net zero can be too high for school budgets. Fortunately, a library project at Sacred Heart School in northern California illustrates that it is possible to deliver a net zero energy building within a conventional budget while teaching kids about the value of conserving resources.


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"RENEW SCHOOL" School renovations: Quick affordable green and healthy

Feldgasse, Germany - Our mission is to downsize the energy use of schools significantly. At the same time create and secure comfortable and healthy conditions for the pupils and teachers. This should be done by school renovations using quick and sustainable technologies like prefabricated timber elements for the constructions and renewables for the energy supply. This will be reached by transfer know-how and promote prefabricated timber elements, intelligent ventilation, shading and renewable energy systems - all logical solutions of school renovations. We will facilitate networking, exchange and training activities between research, companies, school owners and financiers.

Green Case Studies

Here are examples of projects that are examples of sustainable school buildings, facilities and schoolyards.

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