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The Height of Efficiency, Cornell University is building one of the greenest high-rises in the world

by Amanda Kolson Hurley - Atlantic Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016 - In the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge, on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, three buildings now under construction will together form the core of a new technology campus for Cornell University. The tallest of them, a student and faculty residence, will look much like any number of apartment towers going up around the city. In fact, it was designed to be one of the most energy-efficient high-rises on the planet.


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Zigzag Architecture project profile: Groupe Scolaire Paulette Deblock elementary school

Located on the south side of Sin le Noble in France, Zigzag Architecture has finished the construction of ‘Groupe scolaire Paulette Deblock’ elementary school. the project was the first step of the implementation of an urban planning strategy that aims to include ‘le raquet’ and ‘les epis’ into the city, increase their quality of life, and be environmentally friendly. the school links ‘les epis’ district to the newly created ‘le raquet’, sewing them to each other. the concept of the educational building follows the environmental and social principles developed in the urban project.


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Rural Renovation Performance Contract to Fund Change

by Jeremy Kelly, High Performing Buildings, Fall 2015 - The decay of school facilities in underfunded areas usually runs unchecked if funds can’t be found to improve them. Henry County Public Schools in rural Kentucky sought to halt this downward slide by searching for an alternative funding method. This led to using a guaranteed energy savings contract (or performance contract) as a funding mechanism for school improvements.

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New York City's First Net Zero Energy School - the Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability

Staten Island, NY - Last month, the New York City Department of Education (DOE) and the NYC School Construction Authority (SCA) dedicated the city’s first net zero energy school to the late Kathleen Grimm, former DOE Deputy Chancellor. Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña joined students, families, staff, local officials, and design team members in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 22 to mark the occasion. The Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability at Sandy Ground, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) and built by the Leon D. DeMatteis Construction Corporation for the SCA, achieves its net zero energy target by harvesting as much energy from renewable on-site resources as it uses on an annual basis. The school opened for classes this September.

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School of the Future: Towards Zero Emission with High Performance Indoor Environment

Fraunhofer-IBP, Germany - The aim of the “School of the Future” project is to design, demonstrate, evaluate and communicate shining examples of how to reach the future high performance building level. School buildings and their primary users pupils - the next generations - are in the focus of the project. Both, the energy and indoor environment performance of 4 demo buildings in 4 European countries and climates will be greatly improved due to holistic retrofit of the building envelope, the service systems, the integration of renewables and building management systems.

Green Case Studies

Here are examples of projects that are examples of sustainable school buildings, facilities and schoolyards.

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