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A New Classroom That Produces More Energy Than It Consumes

by Liz Stinson - Energy neutral buildings are great. But you know what’s even better? Buildings that produce more energy than they consume. That’s the goal of a new type of classroom currently being tested in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

The portable classroom, designed by San Francisco firm Anderson Anderson Architecture, is among the first wave of buildings to claim the “energy positive” label—an eco catchphrase that could soon replace “net zero” as the gold standard of environmentally-friendly bragging rights. Like the name suggests, energy positive simply means a building makes more energy than it uses. In this case, the 1,000-square-foot classroom is projected to produce four times the energy it consumes—the result of eliminating the need for both artificial lighting and air conditioning.

Information on Portable/Modular Classrooms

Class size "caps" have posed challenges all across Ontario, in elementary schools. Where enrolment is not declining, this can force a school administration to look beyond its four walls at temporary alternatives. At the Toronto District School Board, no new portable (sometimes called modular)classrooms have been acquired since 1992. This should cause the school community to carefully assess what is put in place - so here are some resources.

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