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Information on Portable/Modular Design and Construction

Here are some information sites that may be useful when siting a new or used school portable in the community ....

1) Building America, Portable Classroom Project – Washington State University undertook to examine energy efficient school portables under this US federal government sponsored programme. See:

2) California’s Coalition for Adequate School Housing – When a statewide class size reduction programme was introduced in California this advocacy group undertook its review. This is an examination of HVAC requirements in portables. See:

3) California Education Policy News – This California news site carries an article written in 1998 that just about sums up the debate: “Portable School Buildings: Scourge, Saving Grace, or Just Part of the Solution?”. See:

4) Education World – Another contribution to the debate written in 1997 interviewed several teachers. It’s entitled: “Living With the Permanence of Portables”. See:

5) Modular Portable review policy in Clark Co. WA – This is an interesting template that spells out in clear fashion what requirements are for this Seattle district school board. (It’s a .pdf file). See:

6) Oregon Department of Energy “High Performance Portable Classrooms” – The state of Oregon openly admits that portables are a “short term fix” that (unfortunately) have become a permanent solution. So they now have some pretty specific requirements. See:

7) Peel District School Board’s Mould Reduction Plan – Our neighbour ran into some problems a little while ago with some festering portables - mould. Read what they did. See:

8) US Environmental Protection Agency’s IAQ Design Tools for Schools – The most common problems in school portable design are addressed here – a must read. See:

Information on Portable/Modular Classrooms

Class size "caps" have posed challenges all across Ontario, in elementary schools. Where enrolment is not declining, this can force a school administration to look beyond its four walls at temporary alternatives. At the Toronto District School Board, no new portable (sometimes called modular)classrooms have been acquired since 1992. This should cause the school community to carefully assess what is put in place - so here are some resources.

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