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Using Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems in Schools

Mother Earth News, October 2014 - Some schools in the United States and Europe have begun to use geothermal energy to cut down on energy consumption and provide an energy-efficient education.


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US Environmental Protection Agency issues air quality guidance for schools

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to help school districts better protect indoor air quality and improve energy efficiency. The agency released guidance tips for schools on Friday, arguing they would help cut energy costs and promote health.

“This guidance provides common-sense solutions for improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality in schools across the country,” said Janet McCabe, acting assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation.

“By using these guidelines, school districts can cut their energy bills and help ensure that students have a healthy and safe learning environment,” McCabe added.

Click here to download the guidelines.


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Try this School Travel Planning Toolkit

Active & Safe Routes to School is a national movement dedicated to children’s mobility, health, and happiness. Please make use of its "School Travel Planning Toolkit", a step-by-step guide. is hosted by Canada Walks, a division of Green Communities Canada. Wednesday, October 8th is International Walk to School Day.


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Sustainable School Celebrates Topping Out - Martin Luther King Jr. School in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA - Construction crews recently topped out the new Martin Luther King Jr. School in Cambridge, Mass. The 169,000-square-foot school has been designed to target Net Zero energy consumption, and will serve an estimated 740 students.

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World Bank Supports Solar Schools Program in China

September 30, 2014 - Energy efficiency and renewable energy are two critical elements of sustainable urban development strategy and are central in China's push to reduce the carbon footprint of its economy. With support from the World Bank, Beijing is installing 100 megawatts of rooftop solar PV systems in 800 primary and middle schools - the largest of such initiatives in the country so far.

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New York City Mayor announces new plan for going green in schools

September 29, 2014 - Mayor De Blasio is paying attention to climate change, by installing new solar panels in New York City schools, added a statement by the Mayor’s office today, Examiner has learned. The mayor announced a major investment in solar power at City schools, funding 24 installations as part of the administration’s new green buildings plan (One City, Built to Last), tripling the amount of solar currently planned on City-owned buildings, and marking another step forward as the City works to dramatically reduce its contributions to climate change, added a press statement.

Green School News

This news page has useful information for school communities about efforts to make buildings and schoolyards sustainable, high-performance and "green".

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