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Contractors See Growth in Green Schools Market

By Harvey M. Bernstein and Donna Laquidara-Carr - Research recently conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction among contractors working on school projects demonstrates strong growth in green education projects. To qualify for the study, contractors had to have completed new construction or major renovation or improvement projects at K–12 schools or higher-education institutions.

Of the more than 100 contractors that qualified for the study, 83% have done new or major-renovation green-school projects in the last three years, and 79% have done some green retrofits and operational improvements. During this period, the contractors performed a higher percentage of green new-construction and renovation work, with 22% of them reporting that 60% or more of their major new work is green, compared to only 11% reporting the same level of green retrofits and renovations.


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Center for Green Schools at USGBC Announces Best of Green Schools 2012 List

Washington, Jan. 16, 2013 - The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council today announced its second annual "Best of Green Schools" list, which recognizes top educational institutions and individuals across the country for embracing environmental initiatives.

"Year after year we continue to be blown away by the ingenuity and innovation of communities across the country and around the world," said Rachel Gutter , director of the Center for Green Schools at USGBC. "In these challenging economic times, we've seen an impressive commitment on the part of schools, communities and leaders to make the places where our children learn healthy and safe, and put money back into the classrooms where it belongs."

The Best of Green Schools 2012 list highlights schools, districts, individuals and communities working toward the common goal of healthy, high-performing learning places for all. The Best of Green Schools 2012 list recognizes the hard work being done across the country and to honor the heroes and shining examples of our movement.


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Haliburton County set to get new library in 2013, built by Fleming College students

Haliburton, Ontario - Fleming College's Sustainable Building Design and Construction program is partnering with the Municipality of Highlands East to build a new library in 2013.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with Fleming College and anticipate a unique sustainable building in Highlands East that we can all be proud of for many years to come,” said Reeve Dave Burton.


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Simcoe County District School Board lauded for energy efficiency

Ontario’s environmental commissioner has praised the Simcoe County District School Board for its efforts to increase energy efficiency in local schools. In his annual Energy Conservation Progress Report, released on Jan. 8, Gord Miller said more money could be spent on in-classroom education if the Ontario government and the province’s school boards improved their efforts to reduce their electricity and natural-gas bills.


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Well-designed schools improve learning by 25 percent says new study

Dezeen Magazine - Well-designed classrooms can improve the academic performance of primary school pupils by 25 percent according to a new study undertaken by the University of Salford and UK architects Nightingale Associates.

The year-long study assessed seven schools in Blackpool, where researchers surveyed pupils about age, gender and performance in maths, reading and writing. They also evaluated classroom environments by measuring factors such as natural light, noise levels, temperature, air quality and classroom orientation, before comparing the two sets of data.

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Data on energy use by Ontario schools to be made public after call by watchdog

Hours after the release of a report by Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller, the Ministry of Education said late Tuesday that data on schools’ energy use would be made public by July 1.

Ontario school boards could save a lot of money with conservation programs if the government would publicly release data on schools’ energy usage, Mr. Miller said.


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Trends Report: New facilities enhance the quality of campus life

By Sue Bady, Contributing Editor - Colleges and universities are building state-of-the-art student unions, dining halls, and other non-academic buildings to enrich the campus experience, boost enrollment, and stay competitive.

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