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How energy efficient is your school? Take the SOS Challenge to find out

Carbon offsetting company is launching a new initiative to help schools diagnose their energy efficiency needs. Here, company founder, Stuart Smith, outlines his vision for the project and how it could help bring schools, students and communities together


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Interviews: Designing Schools for 21st Century Learning

by Torrey Sims - School design is crucial in order to accommodate the changing needs of students, staff and teachers. Architects have been working side-by-side with school officials to deliver spaces that provide the best opportunities for student learning. With new technologies and innovative teaching methods, classroom spaces have become more than just desk-filled rooms. These new classroom designs feature flexible learning spaces that have the ability to take student learning to the next level. I sat down with two well-known and experienced architects to get their thoughts on designing schools for 21st century learning and saw a trend that will hopefully only increase as more schools launch new construction and renovation projects.


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State Legislators Celebrate Green Schools While Paying Tribute to One of the Movement’s Greatest Champions

by Nathaniel Allen, August 10, 2012 - Earlier this week, the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council co-hosted a reception at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) alongside the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL) to celebrate the impressive growth of green schools policy activity. More than 80 related bills across 28 states have been considered in state legislatures just this year. Additionally, 28 of these bills have been signed into law, and more may still be on the way. Surely these are stats worth celebrating.

This year’s monumental progress is enumerated in a report released at the reception, which drew together approximately 50 lawmakers and members of the NGO community. The report highlights the variety of ways that legislators are using their pen to help make green schools for all within this generation a reality. From appropriating funds for school upgrades, to standards around new school construction, to improved operations and maintenance best practices, the report showcases tried-and-tested policy ideas and fresh, new approaches.

Green School News

This news page has useful information for school communities about efforts to make buildings and schoolyards sustainable, high-performance and "green".

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