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Wonders and blunders: Amid glitzy new schools built by N.J. are old ones crumbling. Can Governor Christie fix things?

by Julie O’Connor - There are just four students sitting in a New Brunswick High School classroom, dressed in toques and white jackets. Today, they will be making shrimp bisque. Not in the school cafeteria or a teachers’ lounge, but through the swinging doors of a full, restaurant-style kitchen, designed by a professional chef.


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Beverly High School demolition is a 'green' effort

By Paul Leighton - The Salem News - The old Beverly High School will soon be gone, the victim of an assortment of steel-crushing excavators that have been demolishing the building since late November. It's common to say that memories of a former school will last forever. But in this case, something more concrete than memories will survive — such as concrete. Officials say that up to 90 percent of the debris from the demolished building could be recycled.

Green School News

This news page has useful information for school communities about efforts to make buildings and schoolyards sustainable, high-performance and "green".

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