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Report on "Greentools for Healthy Schools 2008" Conference

The west coast's biggest conference on high performance schools was held earlier this month in Sacramento, California. "Greentools for Healthy Schools 2008" attracted participants from all over the US (and Ontario) including 50 school districts, over 40 design and engineering firms and 15 government agencies. Click on the headline to view a report from the conference.


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College & University Sustainability Report Card Released

The "College Sustainability Report Card 2009" has just been released by the Sustainable Endowments Institute (based in Cambridge, MA). This interactive report card examines sustainability trends at 300 North American post-secondary institutions - 17 of them in Canada. Fifteen schools received top marks (but the average grade is a C+) and the University of British Columbia (A-) was the ranking Canadian university. Please click on the headline to view the report; and go to,-94.746094&spn=59.882772,113.203125&t=p&z=3 to tour the Canadian campus ranking.


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US Green Building Council Launches Initiative to Develop Green School Caucuses in Every State

Washington, DC - September 4, 2008 - Today, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) kicked off its "Fifty for Fifty" initiative working with state lawmakers in all 50 states to promote green school buildings. The Council's goal is for every state legislature in the nation to have its own caucus or working group of lawmakers advancing green schools for kids.

Click on the headline for the full text ....


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Green Back to School Tips from the Green Schools Initiative

This press release from the California-based Green Schools Initiative outlines several steps that can be taken upon your return to school. Click on the headline for the full release ....

Berkeley, CA - Back to School time! Follow some of the ideas here to make sure your child’s school is healthy, safe, and sustainable. Learn how to buy recycled- and environmentally-friendly school supplies, pack a waste-free lunch, check out the health and safety of your school facilities, inquire about your school’s Wellness Policy, and more… Our children spend a large part of their days inside a school, so it is critical that the school environment not expose our children to toxic chemicals, have good indoor air quality, serve healthy food, allow for recess and physical education, and generally promote health and well-being. You can be part of the solution – take action this school year!


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Toronto Pools Remain Open

At its August 27th regular meeting, following an announcement of one year temporary "transition" funding by the Province of Ontario, the TDSB decided:
"(a) That the Board thank David Crombie for his work on finding possible funding sources to operate school swimming pools;
(b) That, based on the Provincial transition funding for pools announced on August 7, 2008:
(i) that the pools slated for decommissioning this fall remain open for the 2008-09 school year and that aquatics instructors and caretaking staff be hired as soon as possible, subject to confirmation that Provincial funding has been received by the TLC;
(ii) that the Board participate fully in the Toronto aquatic workgroup proposed by Mr. Crombie;
(iii) that the Toronto Lands Corporation be given responsibility for providing operational oversight and licensing/permitting services for the 39 pools that are currently unfunded;
(iv) that the Director instruct staff to assist the Toronto Lands Corporation in collecting more precise data on the operating costs of individual pools.
(c) That the Chair of the Board forward a copy of the Board’s decision and a copy of the letter from Mr. Crombie to the City of Toronto’s Community and Social Services Committee for their possible review and comment".

Follow the link to page 3 of the meeting minutes.

Green School News

This news page has useful information for school communities about efforts to make buildings and schoolyards sustainable, high-performance and "green".

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