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New web site launched - Schools of the 21st Century

Architectural Record magazine has launched a new web site called "Schools of the 21st Century". The site is .... "for those who believe that the quality of our school buildings is directly related to the quality of education we give the students who occupy them". Tour the site (it's good looking) but pay particular attention to the listings here on the resources page, which pretty much cover the current state of the subject.


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Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools' Portable Design Challenge

Montgomery County is a suburb of Washington, DC. Its public school board is expanding and has taken a leadership role in building green schools. In 2006, the board launched an unique design challenge for a new generation of classroom portables (aka modulars) and invited students, parents, staff and outside design professionals and manufacturers to participate. This web site logs the outcomes, which may well have produced the most advanced modular classrooms in North America.

Green School News

This news page has useful information for school communities about efforts to make buildings and schoolyards sustainable, high-performance and "green".

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